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There are no “GP’s” at our practice. Of our eight physicians, seven are board-certified in Family Medicine, and one specializes in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics! Each of our physicians has spent years (after medical school) in training to care for the most common medical problems of all patients.

We treat common heart problems (high blood pressure, congestive heart failure) but we are not cardiologists. A patient with rare or unusually complicated heart problems would be referred to a cardiologist. So, too, with the care of women’s issues. We do pap smears and treat common female problems, but if a pap smear shows cancer, we refer the patient to gynecology.

In other words, we do not practice cardiology or gynecology (or psychiatry or dermatology, etc.) but we do take care of the most common problems within those disciplines. Even though we do not formally practice those specialties, patients who are curious about services we offer still prefer to see our services grouped under those specialty names. Below, then, please find a partial sampling of services available through our office.




                 Audiology-          In office hearing and balance testing, tinnitus and

.                                           dizziness treatment.

                Cardiology-          Stress testing, EKG, and Heart Ultrasound.

                                            Peripheral Artery Disease (P.A.D.) Screening.
                                            Post Heart Attack medical management.

                Dermatology-       Skin Cancer screenings and treatment


                ENT-                   Dizziness and Balance Disorders

                                            Hearing Testing

                Gastroenterology- Colorectal Cancer screening
                                             Acid Reflux
                                             Irritable Bowel Syndrome

                Gynecology-         Treatment of women's health issues

                                             PAP screening
                                             Breast Cancer screening
                                             Contraceptive management
                                             Gardasil administration

                Neurology-            In office Carotid Ultrasound for Stroke prevention
                                              Migraine management

                Pediatrics-              Newborn through Adolescent Healthcare
                                              In office Circumcision

                Psychiatry-             Depression/Anxiety

                Pulmonary-             In office Pulmonary Function Testing
                                             Overnight oximetry

                                             Tobacco cessation program

                Urology-               Prostate Cancer Screening
                                             Erectile Dysfunction
                                             Overactive Bladder



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